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Fashion Design and Production Management
Director of Grosgrain/KOTONE. 
Pursuing an ethical way of creating things.  

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Mina Maeda is an Adelaide-based Japanese fashion director.  She is an owner-director of her two small businesses,  the hat brand Grosgrain and organic cotton wear brand KOTONE.  

She has over 15 years of experience in apparel design and production management.  

Worked 7 years in the design office "Brücke" as a production manager and designer assistant for movie costume design, theatrical costume design, and commercials and fashion stills.     

Started own straw hat business "Grosgrain" in the year 2011.  Followingly, she launched the next organic cotton wear brand KOTONE in the year 2021.  Lives in Adelaide, Australia since 2018. 

She continuously works on other projects such as synapseWear.

前田 美奈子



2011年より Grosgrain をスタート。翌年出産を機に退職フリーランスでアパレルデザイン・スタイリングを行う一方Grosgrainの活動を本格的に始動。2018年よりオーストラリア、アデレードに移転、在住。


現在は自身のブランド運営のほか、synapseWear 他、アパレルデザイン・プロダクションマネジメントの業務を請け負っている。

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